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President's Message: June

Glenn Chaple
Four years ago, Steve Clougherty, acting on behalf of the Nominating Committee, called to ask if I’d be willing to have my name put on the ballot as a candidate for ATMoB Vice President. I hesitated to answer, because the VP traditionally moves on to the Presidency after his/her term expires. I had been a “background member” (one who doesn’t get involved in club activities) for over 30 years and didn’t consider myself to be Presidential material. I agreed to have my name put on the ballot as long as it was abundantly clear that I would under no way run for President when I became eligible!
I didn’t consider that there’s a second way the VP can become President – that being to replace the existing President should he/she need to step down from the position. In retrospect, I’m glad things turned out the way they did. Serving as your President proved to be an incredibly rewarding experience. Sure, it could be a demanding and time-consuming task, but the job was made so much easier by a dedicated Board that included Vice President Tom McDonagh, Secretary Phil Levine, Treasurer Eileen Myers (who also did a yeoman’s job organizing our annual New Year’s party and summer cookout), Membership Secretary Chris Elledge (who also recorded our meetings for posting on the internet), Members-at-Large Al Takeda (who did double duty as editor of our Star Fields newsletter), Maria Batista, and Bruce Tinkler, and Past Presidents Mike Hill and Bernie Kosicki. 

I’ll close my final President’s message with a heartfelt “thank-you” to the aforementioned Board members and to the Committee members who took the time to keep the clubhouse up and running, helped out with star parties, updated us on what’s “up there” in the night sky, and kept the art of mirror-making alive and well. Thanks also to those of you who offered names of potential monthly speakers or emailed suggestions for ways I could better serve ATMoB. And finally, I thank each and every one of you who support ATMoB simply by renewing your membership each year. If you’re a “background member” like I was for so many years, I encourage you to look for ways you can get involved in future club activities to ensure ATMoB’s continued success as a top-notch astronomical organization. 
Clear Skies,
Glenn Chaple, President