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Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston
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Click the icons below to perform different search and filter functions. Click the "Show All" icon to display all available photo albums. Click the "Newest Albums" icon to display 30 newest or most recently updated albums. Click the "Filter" icon to filter albums by categories or subgroups (if your organization has chapters/subgroups). Click the Search icon to search for individual photos. When you perform a "search" the results will be organized into an album. Click on the results album to view the slideshow in a popup. Search can be combined with filter. For example, if you search want to search for a photographer name you can narrow your search to a specific category by combining with the filter.

Most Recently Added and Updated Albums
DSO - Christine Zacharer
8 photos - updated 6/27/2022
Images processed with data from the Mittelman ATMoB Observatory.
Mittelman ATMoB Observatory Images - Christopher L Elledge
14 photos - updated 6/22/2022
Processed images from the MAO Mittelman ATMoB Observatory
Mittelman ATMoB Observatory - Christine Zacharer
2 photos - updated 6/13/2022
Newsletter link for High Resolution Photos.
Newsletter Images
11 photos - updated 6/7/2022
DSOs - Pierre A Fleurant
29 photos - updated 6/5/2022
From Elon with Love-ish :-/ - Christine Zacharer
2 photos - updated 5/23/2022
Nightscapes from Dark Places - Michael J Brown
8 photos - updated 5/19/2022
Photos through 8" SCT using Canon digital SLR camera.
Deep Sky Objects - Michael J Brown
10 photos - updated 5/19/2022
Moon 5/10/2022 - Venu Venugopal
1 photos - updated 5/11/2022
Planets - Thomas R Consi
7 photos - updated 3/12/2022
Taken from home backyard in Chelmsford, MA.
Backyard Astronomy - Venu Venugopal
2 photos - updated 11/25/2021
Astrophotography - Robert J Nick
1 photos - updated 10/18/2021
Saturn imaged through the ATMoB 16" Meade LX200
Saturn 16" - Christopher L Elledge
1 photos - updated 9/21/2021
Jupiter images taken with ATMoB 16" Meade LX200.
Jupiter 16" - Christopher L Elledge
9 photos - updated 9/21/2021
Deep Sky Images with cooled CCD and CMOS cameras.
Astrophotos (CCD and CMOS) - Al Takeda
8 photos - updated 8/17/2021
Comet Astrophotos using DSLR, Mirrorless, Astro CCD, and Astro CMOS cameras; Telescopes: Takahashi Epsilon E-180 Hyperbolic Astrograph, TMB92 refractor; Lenses:
Astrophotos (Comets) - Al Takeda
9 photos - updated 8/17/2021
Solar imaging - Venu Venugopal
5 photos - updated 7/1/2021
Astrophotos taken with a DSLR camera through many lenses and telescopes
Astrophotos (DSLR) - Al Takeda
19 photos - updated 5/16/2021
Astrophotography by Chris Elledge
Astrophotography - Chris Elledge
11 photos - updated 5/16/2021
A collection of images captured with an Unistellar eVscope.
eVscope Images - Christopher L Elledge
16 photos - updated 4/8/2021
Clear days are rare. High ice crystals make it a challenge. The occasional perfect night is appreciated! All shot on a WO-GT71 with either ASI224 or ASI294.
Winter 2021 - David R Rust
7 photos - updated 2/16/2021
Images of Planets
Astrophotos (Planets) - Al Takeda
4 photos - updated 2/10/2021
Comet c/2020 (NEOWISE) - Eileen Myers
1 photos - updated 7/27/2020
Comets - Christopher L Elledge
2 photos - updated 7/12/2020
Images taken with a SolarMax II 60mm Double Stack Telescope. Camera used is a ZWO ASI178MM.
SolarMaxII 60mm DS - Christopher L Elledge
4 photos - updated 5/3/2020
ATMoB Challenge Images - Gary C Shaw
3 photos - updated 3/8/2020
Astrophotography of the Observer's Challenge Objects
Observer's Challenge - Christopher L Elledge
6 photos - updated 11/23/2019
Lunar Photography by Chris Elledge
Lunar Photography - Christopher L Elledge
4 photos - updated 11/18/2019
short exposure live stacking with a 208mm F3.8 Newtonian, and IMX224  and IMX290 cameras
EAA with 208mm F3.9 Newt - Corey Mooney
12 photos - updated 10/30/2019
Electronically Assisted Astronomy
EAA with 114mm Newt - Corey Mooney
18 photos - updated 10/30/2019