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Most Recently Added and Updated Albums
DSOs - Pierre A Fleurant
12 photos - updated 10/11/2019
Astrophotography by Chris Elledge
Astrophotography - Christopher L Elledge
10 photos - updated 9/2/2019
Planets - Thomas R Consi
2 photos - updated 7/29/2019
Nightscapes - Pierre A Fleurant
1 photos - updated 7/18/2019
Photos through 8" SCT using Canon digital SLR camera.
Deep Sky Objects - Michael J Brown
5 photos - updated 6/14/2019
Sequence taken with digital SLR and 300 mm telephoto lens.  From Madras, Oregon
Total Solar Eclipse, August 2017 - Michael J Brown
15 photos - updated 6/14/2019
Astrophotography of the Observer's Challenge Objects
Observer's Challenge - Christopher L Elledge
4 photos - updated 6/8/2019
Deep Space Objects
DSO - Timothy Tait
1 photos - updated 5/17/2019
Lunar photos
Lunar - Timothy Tait
1 photos - updated 5/17/2019
Images taken from my backyard observatory in Hopkinton, MA.
CAM Observatory - Christopher Martel
4 photos - updated 5/12/2019
Some astrophotography by club member Nico Carver.
Astrophotography - Nico Carver
6 photos - updated 4/24/2019
images of abandoned Sputnick Observatory in Avalon in Acton MA
sputnick observatory - Sidney Johnston
20 photos - updated 4/5/2019
Electronically Assisted Astronomy
EAA with 114mm Newt - Corey Mooney
14 photos - updated 3/5/2019
Images from the January 2019 Total Lunar Eclipse taken through a 102mm APO Refractor.
Total Lunar Eclipse 2019 - Christopher L Elledge
3 photos - updated 2/27/2019
Astronomer with a Microscope - Thomas R Consi
6 photos - updated 10/20/2018
Lunar Photography by Chris Elledge
Lunar Photography - Christopher L Elledge
3 photos - updated 10/16/2018
My first attempt photographing the planet Saturn!  New/used TPO RC 8" reflector with a ZWOASI224 camera.
Saturn - Mark C Helton
1 photos - updated 7/6/2018
Individual pictures relating to astrophotography or the club that don't fit in their own album.
Messin' Around - Charles E Leiserson
5 photos - updated 6/20/2018
Andromeda Galaxy taken with a IOptron Sky Watcher Pro and a Canon 7d with a Tamaron 18m-400m lens.  Taken last winter in Ipswich MA. 6 minute exposure, no stacking
Andromeda Galaxy - Mark C Helton
1 photos - updated 6/19/2018
Hi,I am new to this club.  I wanted to share my first attempt at Deep Space Astro Imaging.  I took this photo in Ipswich MA 6-15-18 with an Explore Scientific 102 Doublet Refractor and a ZWO ASI224MC
M56 - Mark C Helton
1 photos - updated 6/19/2018
Images taken with a Nikon D3s through the 24" Cassegrain at Clay Center Observatory. This was not a planned thing - Ron Dantowitz saw my camera and suggested we try shooting through the 24" with it.
M13 and M57 at Clay Center Observatory - Rusty Moore
2 photos - updated 3/12/2018
Images obtained at Granite Hill golf Club, Quincy, MA using a Sony DSC-HX1 camera.
Lunar Eclipse - 31 January 2018 - Richard P Nugent
9 photos - updated 1/31/2018
Astrophotos taken with a DSLR cameran through many lenses and telescopes
Astrophotos (DSLR) - Al Takeda
7 photos - updated 12/2/2017
ATMoB expedition to view the 2017 total eclipse.
2017 Solar Eclipse - Charles E Leiserson
8 photos - updated 9/13/2017
2017 Solar Eclipse images taken with 65mm (420mm f.l.) refractor and Nikon D7100 DSLR in Glendo, Wy.
2017 Solar Eclipse Glendo, Wy. - Richard Smith
11 photos - updated 9/7/2017
Eclipse photos from Rexburg, Idaho
2017 Eclipse - Joseph Kristl
4 photos - updated 9/3/2017
eclipse from Marion Illinois
2017 eclipse - Mario E Motta M.D.
8 photos - updated 9/2/2017
Total Solar Eclipse 8/21/2017 from Murphysboro, IL
Total Eclipse 2017 - Christopher L Elledge
7 photos - updated 8/22/2017
Various Lunar images using an Orion xT10i Dobsonian reflector, Televue Ethos 6mm, 10mm or 13mm eyepieces, Orion variable polarizing filter and iPhone SE on a Televue PhoneMate smartphone mount.
Lunar Photos - Jim Mahoney
7 photos - updated 6/11/2017
From May 26 through the 29th me and Philip Rounseville went camping in Arcadia National Park. The skies here are very dark. We got some nice weather despite the Omega block jet stream.
Arcadia National Park trip 2017 - Joseph D Wolfe
1 photos - updated 6/8/2017