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November Sky

Observing Committee
Sat 4
Full (Beaver) Moon at 12:23am EDT
Sun 5 Daylight Saving Time ends at 2am. Set clocks BACK one hour
Fri 10 Last Quarter Moon at 3:36pm EST
Mon 13 Venus and Jupiter are less than ½ degree apart this morning. Look ESE 45 minutes before sunrise.
Fri 17 Leonid Meteors reach peak activity (~15/hr) after midnight
Sat 18 New Moon at 3:12pm EDT.
Uranus at opposition in Pisces
Sat 21 Saturn and a waxing crescent Moon pair up in the early evening sky. Look SW a half hour after sunset.
Thu 23 Mercury at Greatest Eastern (Evening) Elongation. Look low in the SW a half hour after sunset.
Sun 26 First Quarter Moon at 12:03pm EST
Tue 28 Mercury and Saturn in conjunction. Look very low in the SW 30 minutes after sunset.

Mercury enters the evening sky during the latter half of the month. Greatest Eastern Elongation occurs on the 23 rd . Appears near Saturn during the last week of November

Venus shines brightly in the morning sky, but is slowly drawing closer to the rising sun. It rises 90 minutes before the sun on the 1st; half that much at month’s end. Look for a striking pair-up with Jupiter on the morning of the 13th.

Mars appears in the morning sky in Virgo, rising several hour before the sun. At magnitude +1.7, it’s a rather unremarkable naked eye sight.

Jupiter reappears in the morning sky and is well-seen by month’s end. Don’t miss its spectacular conjunction with Venus on the morning of the 13th.

Saturn is still in Ophiuchus, low in the SW after sunset. It appears near Mercury towards the end of November.