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President's Message: May

Glenn Chaple  | Published on 5/1/2018
Spring has arrived, albeit a month later than the astronomically-determined date. We say goodbye to frostbite and hello to – bugs. To that end, I offer some fatherly (at my age, more like grandfatherly) advice. If you go outside with telescope to take in the bounty of galaxies in Leo, Coma, and Virgo, be sure to apply a generous amount of insect repellant. And don’t forget that the attack isn’t just by air (mosquitoes), but also by land (ticks). You’ll want to bug-protect your entire body. A shower upon your return indoors will not only keep you from reeking of bug spray, but also wash away any ticks that might have gotten through your line of defense. This advice applies not only to your backyard, neighborhood soccer field, or open area at a public campground, but especially to the ATMoB clubhouse grounds. Several of our members have contracted Lyme disease as a result of tick bites during observing sessions there. 

At the April meeting, we elected a team of 3 ATMoB members (Bruce Berger [chair], James Synge, and Peter Bealo) to the Nominating Committee. The NomCom is currently preparing a full slate of Board members to be voted on at the June meeting.  There will be vacancies in the offices of President, Vice President, and Secretary. If you’re interested in running for one of these positions, please contact Bruce, James, or Peter.

Clear Skies,
Glenn Chaple, President