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April Sky

Observing Committee
Sun 1 Mercury at inferior conjunction
Mon 2 Mars and Saturn 1.3o apart. Look low in the SSE an hour before sunrise
Sat 7 Mars, Saturn and a waning gibbous Moon are clustered together this morning
Sun8 Last Quarter Moon at 3:18am EDT
Sun 15 New Moon at 9:57pm EDT
Tue 17 Venus pairs up with a thin waxing crescent Moon, low in the WNW after sunset.
Sun 22 Lyrid Meteors reach peak activity (~20/hr) this morning.
First Quarter Moon at 5:46pm EDT.
Sun 29 Mercury at Greatest Western (Morning) Elongation
Full (Pink) Moon at 8:58pm EDT

Mercury is practically invisible this month, even at Greatest Western (Morning) Elongation on the 29th, hen it barely peeks above the Eastern horizon before sunrise.

Venus continues its slow climb above the WNW horizon after sunset. Nice pair-up with a thin waxing crescent Moon after sunset on the 17th. 

Mars appears in the Southern morning sky with Saturn. Both currently reside in Sagittarius and rise after midnight.  

Jupiter rises around 10:30pm EDT on April 1st; 2 hours earlier at month’s end. The big planet dominates the SW predawn sky. 

Saturn (See Mars)