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February Sky

Observing Committee
Wed 7 Last Quarter Moon at 10:54am EST
Thu 8 A wide waning crescent Moon appears above and between Mars and Jupiter in the S sky at dawn.
Sun 11 Saturn and a waning crescent Moon form a close pair in the morning sky. Look SE an hour before sunrise.
Thu 15 New Moon at 4:05pm EST
Sat 17 Mercury in superior conjunction
Fri 23 First Quarter Moon at 3:09am EST.

Mercury is at superior conjunction on the 17th and is not readily visible this month.

Venus reappears in the evening sky and may be glimpsed very low in the WSW sky shortly after sunset at month’s end.

Mars rises from 2:30 on Feb 1 to 2:00am on the 28th. Compare its color and brightness with the nearby 1st magnitude star Antares (“Rival of Mars”).

Jupiter, in Libra, rises around 2:00am on the 1st and around midnight at month’s end. It appears high in the S before sunrise.

Saturn is visible low in the SE in Sagittarius an hour before sunrise.