Re: (ATMoB:Discuss) Counterweights for Dobsonian

>on 2/28/02 10:07 AM, DrTRyan (a) aol dot com at DrTRyan (a) aol dot com wrote:
>I'm looking for suggestions on how to counterweight my 10" Dobsonian.  I 
>added a TelRad and now its top-heavy.  Thanks for any sources or suggestions.

I have a Meade 10" dob. It has a 1/4-20 socket at the center of the bottom. 
I screw on a 5 or 10 pound disc weight using a knob with a large washer.

I also added a sliding weight rail on the side from Orion. This makes 
changing to/from heavy eyepieces at varying altitudes easier.

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