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The ATMoB has established an email list server with various mailing lists for use by our members. All lists are @atmob.org.

Please note: Management of these mailman mailing lists is not integrated into the web based membership management. Therefore if you've changed your web account email address or password, this will not be reflected in the mailman mailing lists (and vice versa). You must update the mailing lists separately using the "Manage my subscription" links below. Your mailman password can be recovered using the "Password reminder" feature on the subscription management page (enter your email address and click on "Remind").

Mailman Mailing ListDescription and Usage

This list has been established for use by ATMoB members. Items posted to this list should be official club announcements, ATMoB event notices, and ATMoB related administrative issues. By default, followup posts will go to the atmob-club list, not to the poster. Please do not post followups to the announce list. General discussions on topics of astronomical interest, observations, etc., should be sent to atmob-discuss.

You must subscribe to the list to post to it.

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This list has been established for use by ATMoB members, friends of members, and anyone interested in astronomy with a focus on things of interest to those in the greater Boston area. Items posted to this list should pertain to astronomy related (Boston area) activities, observations, discussions, or requests for information from other ATMoB members. Club members, please use atmob-announce@atmob.org for official ATMoB announcements, events, etc. Please use atmob-club for discussion of club business.

You must subscribe to the list to post to it.

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This list is for club business questions/discussions, followup replies to the announce list posts, and other non astronomy related items.

You must be a club member to subscribe.

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This list is reserved for use by clubhouse committee members.

You must be a clubhouse committee member to subscribe.

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This list is only used for distribution of the ATMoB newsletter.

To subscribe electronically please let know.

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Notice: The owners of this server, the Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston, and any other sentient beings that happen to be involved assume no responsibility for any messages posted via this system.

Posting Etiquette

All posters are expected to follow the rules of good Netiquette. If you feel someone has broken these rules please email the list admin and NOT the poster and/or the list.

The ATMoB reserves the right to take any action it deems appropriate for those that do not adhere to these rules. This may include moderating or blacklisting postings from the individuals that have broken the rules. The mailing list administrators may take this action without consulting the ATMoB Executive Board, but individuals can appeal such actions to the ATMoB Executive Board.


The mail list home page (view archives, list info, subscribe, unsubscribe, change your options) is here: http://lists.atmob.org/mailman/listinfo. The lists are implemented using Mailman, more information about using mailman can be found at at http://www.list.org/.

Please note that except for the discuss list (which is open to everyone), requests to subscribe to the lists may take a day or two until your club membership can be verified.

The atmob-discuss list is a public forum sponsored by the ATMoB for astronomy related discussions, with a focus on items of interest in the greater Boston area. The other lists on this server are for ATMoB members only.

Spam Filtering

Mailing list spam filtering courtesy of Process Software Corporation's PreciseMail Anti-Spam Gateway.

Last updated: 13-Jun-2010

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