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  25-inch mirror re-coating trip to EMF in Ithaca, NY  3 Eileen Myers
  AAAS meeting  1 Anna Hillier
  ATMoB Historical  1 Anna Hillier
  atmospheric phenomena  4 Dr. Eric Reines
  Clyde Tombaugh  2 Mario Motta M.D.
  Goddard Space Center  21 Mario Motta M.D.
  Harvard Solar Observing Day CfA April 19 2015  19 Philip Levine
  Hobby-Eberly 11 Meter Telescope  32 Paul Valleli
  Lowell Observatory  9 William Lee
  Marrett Pines Observatory Construction  46 Paul Valleli
  N.E.A.F. 2007  2 William Lee
  NEAF 2014  3 Eileen Myers
  Plum "Observatory"  4 William Lee
  Stellafane 2008  12 William Lee
  Stellafane 2011  21 Al Takeda
  Stellafane 7/28/06  9 Al Takeda
  Visit to the LBTO Observatory  20 Mario Motta M.D.
  William Knight Observatory  5 Bernie Volz
  Wingaersheek Observatory  9 Mario Motta M.D.

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